Digital Generation: Innovations in the Digital World
Digital Generation is a leading digital company specializing in developing innovative solutions in the digital realm. Through cutting-edge technology and expert approach, they offer unique opportunities for businesses to thrive and expand in the digital era. Digital Generation aims to be a key player in the digital world, creating innovations that will transform our lives.
Igor Trunov: vision and passion for digital transformation
Advisability Group is headed by Igor Trunov, an inspiring leader who possesses a profound understanding of digital transformation and its potential to reshape businesses and society. With his passion for innovation and pursuit of excellence, Igor positions Digital Generation at the forefront of the industry, helping clients succeed in the digital age. Digital Generation provides a wide range of opportunities and advantages for its clients. Specializing in innovative solutions, they enhance business process efficiency, boost competitiveness, and drive growth. Through the expertise of Digital Generation, clients gain tailored, technologically advanced approaches that keep them ahead of the competition. Digital Generationplays a pivotal role in integrating technologies into business processes. They offer consultancy services and develop innovative strategies that optimize the use of digital solutions to achieve business goals. Working with clients throughout the transformation journey, from conception to implementation, Digital Generation ensures the utmost efficiency and success in adopting new technologies.

Advisability is an international group of companies engaged in performance marketing, online advertising, and IT. Today we bring together successful projects in such areas as affiliate marketing, SEO promotion, development and advertising of mobile applications, and much more.
Deks is a niche media platform for publishing and viewing news and insider information Deks features include an environment and a high level of involvement of industry professionals.
Project "Insights" is a "think tank" where the main goal is to bring together innovation and business. We are building an environment that will be a connecting link between those who make innovations and those who can "pack" and establish it in various areas of people's lives.
What does Advisability Group offer in the field of digital technologies?
As part of Digital Generation, Advisability Group specializes in developing and implementing digital technologies. They offer a wide range of services, including mobile app development, website creation, content management system implementation, and other innovative solutions. Leveraging their experience and technical expertise, Advisability Group helps clients achieve successful digital transformation and reach their business objectives. Digital Generation is renowned for its innovative solutions and significant achievements in the digital domain. Constantly exploring the latest technologies, they develop cutting-edge products and services that reshape the industry. Whether it's artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, or the Internet of Things, Digital Generation sets ambitious goals and strives for innovative breakthroughs. Collaborating with Digital Generation under the guidance of Igor Trunov offers numerous advantages. Igor Trunov is a recognized expert in the digital field with years of successful innovation implementation experience. Under his leadership, Digital Generation becomes a strong, dynamic team ready to tackle complex challenges and adapt to changes in the digital landscape. Partnering with Advisability Group provides clients with confidence in receiving quality and innovative solutions that drive success in the modern digital environment.

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